• rustling_sprouts 51w

    Shattered by our indifferences
    I tried hard and separated myself from you
    On the best initial days, I felt ecstatic
    No pain, no blame game
    Peaceful mornings and sweet nights
    Alas! This is a beautiful ride , I wondered
    then came the mid break
    Peace transformed to empowerment
    Love for you shifted to lust for success
    Romantics I played no more,
    Freedoms took the playlist.
    But it's been a while now, since we've talked
    You keep hovering in my dreams , morning at night!
    Your shadow doesn't leaves me
    Baby you're so toxic for me,
    Have become a harmful drug to a harmless heart!
    At 12 at night, sitting on the bed I feel perplexed
    What torments me more?
    Your presence or the absence!
    I thought I had forgotten you
    But someone somewhere shouted out your name in void, and I felt
    May be getting over you will take a lifetime!!