• kanha007 51w

    A Happy journey..

    Standing below the charging port
    Carrying within me a stress bloat
    Just like any other lonely broken guy
    I also thought
    If I could find someone who could heal me with her "love's antidote"
    Just An hour passed away
    But it seemed like I stood there for a day !
    But As the train lost its pace
    I got rejuvenated as soon as I saw that face
    Again, I remembered that trace..
    Remembered the chase that I made for her I the past..
    Remembered that pain
    What I did in vain
    Again this was what was going to happen again in the train.
    Took the risk with a deep breath
    Deciding to act this time with stealth
    Walking yet again to welcome the half-death
    Game of stare & gaze kept going on
    As I stood there alone..
    I noticed it was Her mom sitting right behind her
    But anyways That expression of assurance which I got from the girl, Was able enough to make me stand for whole night.
    It wasn't love at first sight for sure, but, somewhat some chemistry existed between us which acted as a lure.
    The feelings got intense and so did the cravings, as the time passed away..
    That crave was so immense, so tense !
    But I calmed myself down and Remembered the way I got drifted down..
    The time finally came .. 1 hour left for the station to come. I got my feelings in control, but, I think she was certainly out of her own control. She Turned her back and sat facing me. she smiled and I got piled ! as if like a innocent child !. It was just those seats which stopped us from reaching to each other. But you know there also existed someone named as mother, sitting right behind her. she caught her !. Shit ! Happened again leaving me insane, her mom for me became a bane !
    Station came and I stood lame thinking that I again lost the game. But it was not yet over !.I took my luggage stepped down while continuously gazing her & her mom.. her father came to pick them up. but I still didn't lost the hope and suppressed the feeling of mope. She looked back again, and, again with the same smile on her face and with that same grace and cuteness she replied "good bye". A tear in my eye yet again I felt the same pain. But this time I didn't cried, rather I too smiled saying to her "Good bye !".