• fallen_42 6w

    A little bird dived in the sky
    Hoping the winds would catch him
    But when the fall didn't break
    He looked above and smile
    For he knew the coffin of earth waited with wingless hands
    To cradle him and the mistakes of God to sleep
    At least that way he knew
    He was needed just in some another world
    World of the departed
    Because what had dead got to lose anyway
    There he flew
    Oh he flew
    Like seamless sky had no ends to it
    There things were little kind
    The dead lions caressed the bones of the deer in regret
    And salvation came easy
    The little bird slowly knew
    In a world after death
    He would be accepted for having tattered wings
    For the living were always cruel enough to tell him that he couldn't fly n the sky never cared anyways for who died young
    So when the wingless little bird
    Crashed on the ground
    He sighed his last breath
    And bid goodbye
    To other birds who never cared to look for him six feet under the ground...