• mikilove 9w

    Well I dunno what I was trying to write, oh well. Eat my trash!

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    Their Rejections, Their Expectations

    I was proud, I felt good
    I thought that I did well
    I stepped on stage
    Danced around, not once looking at the crowd
    I looked up, to meet a see of frowns
    I could feel myself crashing down
    I worked for hours trying to perfect it just for you
    But your smiles got lost in the crowd of boos
    What does it matter what you think
    When everyone else says I stink
    That I should give up
    I never should have started
    My dreams were sinking
    I wasn't thinking, so I ran off the stage
    My mind was hazy and now filled with blind rage
    I ripped my papers and threw them in the trash
    I just wanted to go home
    I just wanted to be alone
    Because I would never meet their expectations
    Only live in their rejections