• rashi_25 6w

    After so many ruthless nights,
    This darkness doesn't consumes me,
    In the moments of utter silence,
    Emptiness, no longer scares me.
    Maybe my heart doesn't sing the way it used to be,
    But these beautiful whispers is all I need to keep.
    I might have fallen long ago and this sky no longer holds me.
    Maybe it's time to walk under the same sky , where I once lighted the barren fields.

    With pain and broken expectations,
    I kept roaming in hope of fixing those unhealed pieces,
    To reach a door where love stands,
    Ready to listen and embrace the way my heart bleeds.
    Maybe I have moved miles away when my own home could have comforted me,
    Some paths need to be travelled alone,
    No matter wat they bring us - failure or victory.

    I felt stuck with the beats that made me dance, cz the world around was moving as faster as it could be,
    I tried fitting, proving my worth,
    And I lost the roots that once blossomed me.
    Maybe The journey is more about exploring one's hidden treasures ,rather than keeping the pace with the Unknowns and their nuances.

    And as these realizations are hitting my core,
    I am becoming peaceful in the chaos that still surrounds me.
    I am not a star one would aspire to be,
    But maybe I need to accept myself, at all the levels, cz this makes me who I am
    And I won't let this world belittle me.