• cathdavies 5w


    Populism, you are a book
    they are reading in every language.

    From a library of ideology,
    you fly from the shelves like wildfire,

    your flow of invective
    twisted in the minds of politicians.

    They know. They manipulate.
    Assume we are illiterate.

    As manifestos fall into hands,
    power falls to those most willing to recite.

    The narrative demands we sleepwalk
    through the book. Even read

    with eyes closed. But we are smarter.
    For prophecy is not dead.

    If we take a heated Earth.
    If fevered, somewhere, a genius wrote

    an ideology to supersede you,
    a desperate public would not pick up

    Populism from a burning shelf,
    when despair rains and ice caps melt.