• davetrotter 10w

    Disasters in troubles come because we do not trust God with our lives.

    The plagues and disasters we have on this Earth are to wake us up to trusting God, to humbling ourselves before God, and taking more of a hold of Gods will for our lives.
    The problem is with the Coronavirus most of the world cried out to itself, to the medical professionals of the world and to the scientist. They used a Model of Data of false information determine the actions to be taken. The people did not humble themselves and cry out to God. The leaders of God's people closed down their churches for local gathering for worship out of fear. They rallied around the government and the internet. Why? They did not place their faith, nor their health in the hand of God. They did not join hands in unity with their Church members in prayer to God with fasting, seeking for a miracle. Instead they were like birds trapped, put in a cage and kept at home in isolation. So the power of God could not be generated from Unity of God's people. The unity of God's people was eliminated by isolation and social distancing. Because of fear and the evil spirit who did not want them to have power with God to see what's really happening behind the crisis.