• satanopedialogy 9w

    Prince Satanopediaology's bhagvath githa

    KRSHN: come on SATAN calm down.

    SATAN: There are 2 faces in everyone including you also. One face is a very good one and another one is a very bad one. Even I too have 2 faces in me, one is that person who loves GOD and always loves to rest on his feet and another who if awakes and decides to finish it off then he won't stop nor cares very less for anyone and won't rest unless he does it. I love GOD more than myself that is my only weakness and boon. If I feel that even a inch isn't perfect I will clear off the entire thing. I am trying to make my contacts with GOD and trying it from the past many decades, one day or another it should get connected and if it happens you know what the consequences would be? And leaving you who can better understand me my brother.