• the_beyond_horizon 24w

    To be or not to be us the real question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of the Outrageous fortune or to strengthen oneself so precisely that our own image of impudence becomes an epitome of acquisition for a Gala life ahead. You can either allow the negativity around you to swallow you whole or aid yourself to crawl out of the cocoon of such detrimental vibes. The people around you, can be the Reason for acute Heartbreak. But you can either be intensely grieved by it or allow them to kiss their own Karma. What one needs to imbibe from these malicious complexities is to acknowledge the fact that "Life will come and Go." It's just how ones takes it and understands that just as Life is uncertain, so are these Tantrums. The earlier you get over it, the Better will You accept yourself to be Patient in everything. Let go off the evil around you. And allow yourself to be Revived again.