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    My feelings roast like coffee beans
    I snuggled in my roost from my teens
    I always loved the taste of brewed coffee
    I enjoyed it more than the sweetness of toffee

    Life in times of instant coffee is fast and waits for none
    Zooming close to tipping point is far from fun
    The cup with hot coffee when held in cold
    Reminded that a chilly job is not worth my hold

    I stare at my cappuccino beautifully decorated with cream
    I recall the memories embellished with hushed dream 
    To relax and stray with free spirited thoughts
    I have coffee to make it real in a life of stressful blots

    Work as a coffee taster is an option I never considered
    Now I realised my foolishness to ignore dream that whispered
    Life surreal and pleasant is far fetched
    The morning coffee takes me out of the thoughts entrenched

    Likewise a drug my coffee keep me in high
    I sip it leisurely and release my stress with deep sigh
    As an ambrosia it kept me alive when life was unlivable
    Coffee breaks kept me moving in an environment unlikable 

    Now again coffee has begun to whisper in my ears
    It says to live my dream abandoning my fears
    This time I listened to it and resolved to take a stance
    Gearing up to live a life of inconceivable expanse