• teenage_dream 5w


    You cannot hold your tears for long
    Just allow them to drench you
    And urge you to prove yourself
    You cannot hide your pain before everyone
    Just throw it into the bin and start again
    You cannot fight against the evil whole day
    Take rest and gain your wisdom quietly
    You cannot just give a fake smile every time
    Become the cynosure for showing your strength
    You cannot escape from your dreams
    They are meant for you
    They are eager to hug you
    You cannot stop to show your weirdness
    That's the only thing you are loved for
    You should share your emotions
    With your inner soul
    You should allow the flickering of fun
    To excite you for life
    You should allow the haunting fear
    To make you a player
    You just need the one to hold yourself
    And that is only you.