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    Break from us
    It hurts, when you don't listen to me when i need you. I won't tell you but it hurts to know you are here with me and still so far away from me. You are that one person i needed to provide me a shoulder to cry on. It may not be related to you but it is hurting me a lot. Don't you think you should be there for me. Don't you think, you should listen to me. Can't you tell me its alright that everything will be alright because i will believe your words even its not true. But, i can't be that lucky. I know, it's not possible for me to find my hideout. Yet,i shamelessly called you mine knowing full well you are not the constant in my life. Yet, i made you my constant. Sorry to put that weight on your shoulder and weighting you down. It's time for me to set you free from my mood swings and make your life a little less miserable. Don't worry because its not possible for me hurt for the loss of us because i have already lost everything. I am already suffering from a kind of pain in front of which somehow lossing you is nothing. Although, it is something. I guess, i am numb. It is better for me to stay with myself. Not let anyone take my heart away from me and also to stay away from anyone who might give me their heart. Maybe i don't deserve any love from anyone.

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    "Break from us" - A not so secret confession