• aamirhabib 5w

    She's Beautiful

    Flowers are all around
    But no one's there to heal the pain
    The scars that I've got
    And the deep cuts that are within

    You care for me I believe,
    And so I do
    You've lost many people from your life I know
    Now, neither you want to lose me ,nor I want to

    You asked someday"Do you smoke"
    I replied that I never did nor I will ever do
    Now that everything between you and me is over,
    I think that cigarette is the only thing that can help me through

    You always used to say, "You can cope",
    Yes,that helped alot
    But now that you're not here,
    I've lost all my hope

    I made things complicated
    Sorry for that too
    But I dont want you to be chained in love,
    Cause you've got great things to do