• hanshika 5w

    I am as i am

    I know as the way i am..,
    I did'nt try to be diffrent..,
    I know i care..,i know i am stupid sometimes..,
    Because i do want i want..,

    I know i dont think before do something..,
    I just can't..,
    I know i dont think before say something..,
    I just regrets..,

    Even if i dont do anything..,
    Something happened wrong..,
    Even if i dont say anything..,
    Eventually the meaning they take as they want..,

    I want to say 'iam tired'of all this..,
    I want to say 'i need to be treated right'..,
    I want to do something about it but ,
    i just can't..,

    Life not goes as i want it to be..,
    I dont react as i think i should be..,
    Things are really tough..,
    I needed to be loved..,

    This is the way i am..,
    Or i lost i dont know..