• pooma_never_fades 6w

    With the bewitched genre,
    You seem to rock the floor,
    Along the coastal lines,
    You embedded your mark,
    Every step seems unfazed,
    With the emotions clear cut,
    You swallow that comes your way,
    Every lock ,stock and barrel,
    Doesn't lose it shapes until you eat off,
    Glittery under the Aurora,
    With a silent smile,
    You know when to pounce,
    Invincible force within you ,
    Lies in the marks left behind by you,
    Source of bliss in hearts,
    A view of you soothes the battered soul,
    Pulling within you,
    The sand on the coast,
    Piling up in the darkest corner,
    Having every form of life in every crevice of your existence,
    Rising up in level,
    Waiting to gobble up the evil.