• juhiimohnani 6w

    I don't know why I was suffering or what made me trust you agin and again but the decision of moving on instead of regretting over the chances I gave you everytime you made me lose my mind is so better than those anxiety attacks I faced because of you. I never told you about them and kept everything to myself as I never wanted to disturb you mentally and emotionally. I lost myself throughout this process and never uttered a word against you. How stupid I was that I kept supporting you even when you left me alone with my anxiety. You never made a move to understand my feelings or hear my side. All you did was end this. I considered this to be the worst nightmare I could ever have but after you left I got to see the things more clearly. I realised that it was always about you and never me. I realised that it's for my goodness that all of it ended.

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