• shrithika_kushangi 5w

    Best days!

    As I was in the traffic that stood,

    I kept wondering about the good olden days of childhood.

    With no stress and no worry,

    The only puzzle was finding dory.

    Favourites were Pogo and Cartoon Network,

    That had just happiness and nothing to provoke.

    The day would start with MAD at around ten,

    And the scheduled cartoons would be noted down with a pen.

    Oswald was one among the rest,

    The one with his friends and weenie being the best.

    Tom and Jerry make us realize,

    The innocence we had, as Jerry was in our good eyes.

    Mr. Bean never goes out of style,

    Coz, it made us feel like being in an isle.

    An isle of laughter with Mr. Bean being its master!

    Noddy is one in the list,

    The one with a big head and a tiny fist.

    The ones listed above are just a few in a million,

    If not, you would need a mid-break in the pavilion.

    The day would finally end with Takeshi's castle bidding goodbye,

    "Such a wonderful day!" is what we would sigh.