• deepali1602 22w

    Little birds begin their solitary solo flight
    Relinquishing their haven nest far asight .
    Ascending the zenith through trickful tracks ,
    Craving their path , breakings the boulders with a gentle crack .
    With austere twist, turn and toil
    Seedling turned to flowers, forsaking the soil.
    With docile paws, incessant-agile-exhorting- will , they conquer the summit
    Master with scamp -smile pointing up emancipates - ' the sky is only your limit '.
    Master stretched chicken's placid feathers ,
    Little birds baffled and basked their beaks to stormy weather .
    Majestic master proudly pushed , bade adieu a teary goodbye
    Smiling with insolence , he sees the birds soaring high in infinite vast expanse of the sky .