• theblabberingmonk 5w

    I failed. Yet again.
    It was one of those days, you know,
    When I stood still and stammered,
    And blabbered and stammered a li'l more.
    My mind resembled a hazy cloud.
    All that I can think of was
    Anything but what was asked.
    My eyesight wore a misty dress.
    I was forcing myself to concentrate, failingly.
    I could hear minions in my ears,
    Playing tiny drums on some random beats.
    I could feel tiny beads of sweat
    glistening on my forehead, even in my palms.
    My body was vibrating once in a while.
    I was rhythmically tapping my feets below.
    This ordeal went for another half an hour.
    And It seemed like an eternity.
    In the end they just said,
    "We'll let you know".
    And they never did.