• monzywell3 6w

    My prayer for you

    Let you know that i pray for you, pray that negative people get held responsible for their sin.i pray that the lord will come to your defense .I do pray that you won't get defensive when your name is mentioned , the best way is walk away then live in tension. I do pray that you live life to fullest. When someone is falling then be a friend to their need in life. Serve other before you serve yourself.I pray that you live life , happy then pursue wealth.i pray that you keep your eyes on right path then wrong path i pray that you climb the stairs to heaven.i pray that you worship the Lord and not the church. I pray that you keep your head high and keep moving forward ,Don't let nobody tell you aren't worthy for something greater .I pray that you give and then you get bless .i pray that you looking forward then looking in the past.I pray that you know where you came from.i pray that you stay humble not stress.,i pray that day is short and night is smooth. I pray that you believe in something so your legacy can keep going on.i pray that jesus is reason that you are living on.