• mz_grinnage87 6w

    Tell A Tale Of Heart

    I was asked to write
    When I asked about what
    They said whatever you want
    And I found myself drowning in a pool of words mushed with thoughts that longed to shout
    But the cracked whispers of my heart seemed to scream the loudest
    So I will tell you a tale of a heart
    My heart
    It will all make sense if I tell you this first
    She doesn't know how to let go
    She never understood how to release something that gave her any means of life support
    Helped her beat a little more steady
    And flow a bit more smoothly regardless of the blockages built by arguments, misunderstandings, and absences of communication
    My heart held on to lovers even as they let her dangle from cliffs of "this isn't working anymore"
    She pleaded with them dismissing the repeated "I can't do this anymore" 's
    And never gave up in the midst of "I don't love you anymore"
    My heart is a naive thing
    That beats until she bruises the rib cage that tries to protect her
    It wasn't until that one beat cracked that one rib
    It wasn't until that one text that never got sent back
    It wasn't until that one night
    When that one argument went wrong
    It wasn't until she realized that she just might not be the one...
    And even still she holds on to the shards of her brokenness
    Each jagged edge -- an uncut jewel from a memory that is yet to be molded into what could have been
    My heart is now a wise... and broken thing
    Warns all new passing by lovers that only a fool has to learn that love loves no one
    She speaks from experience
    Yet is still not taking her own advice
    My heart practices suicide
    Hangs by wrapping her veins around my brain hoping to shut out thoughts of the obvious and chokes on the thoughts of how much she misses that toxic love
    She can't let go
    Even of dying things
    She holds them tightly, whispers promises of bringing them back to life
    Not knowing her words are false and invalid
    Not knowing that she can't bring love back from hate
    And that time doesn't retrace
    And that life isn't full of second chances so my heart just has to live with her mistakes
    My heart is broken
    And barely alive
    But she still beats to survive to that one day
    All of her damage proves to be more than wasted space
    And she won't get high off the cuts of memories that do more harm than good
    And her veins will be strong enough to say "No! You can't keep doing this to yourself"
    But until that day...
    This is a tale of heart that gave up on love
    And only time will tell what tale comes next