• rightcalling 5w

    It's a crime to survive without a passion, it's not a prime example of living retrieve with a break-up in compassion! ��

    It makes me feel so happy when I came to know I don't know, it doesn't make any bad credentials, unless we insist to produce!

    Now, feeling of autumn is becoming outrageous, without writing about! ��

    I desire to see the full version of myself, it might be less than the value of a cup of tea, but the fact is I can't obese without making my way, as it is the best robes one can wear with their pairs of a thousand thoughts!

    I will soon drop the lines to measure more whenever possible to catch moreover! ❣️♾����✍️

    We were scared of a sacred argument with us, I still love to argue with you, it's a never ending show; hide & seek is going among, now I can guess it's impossible to enjoy life if we choose to go along with alone! ✌️

    Do you have a love affair with the whole world ��, If then you should never feel alone with your true verse!

    #prayer #accordingtoplan #wireless #sayingoutloud �� #enlighten �� #twolinebreakupnote #mywiki ��️❣️��️ #citybecome #senseless ��️✨ �� #autumn costly & no longer �� available to feel in living throughout! ��️��

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