• ishanchaudhary 5w

    Love is sweet
    so sweet
    Nauseatingly sweet
    Smothering you
    With its sweetness
    Strangulating sweetness
    Heavy and hard weight
    Of sweetness pressing hard on
    Your chest squeezing your life out
    The tentacles of sweetness crawling
    To every knoll and dell of your body
    Spewing more sweetness
    Coating and glazing every organ inside
    Now the sweetness is dripping in
    Your viscera and innards
    The sweetness is killing you
    ,the obnoxious
    Acrid sweetness which you reek off is
    Making you mad and sick
    Like waves of sweetness on sweet shores
    This stench of sweetness will never leave u
    You have to live or to be more precise die with it