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    Room still redolent of pink azealeas and scattered glass,
    Wind filled with nostalgia just too heavy to pass,
    surrounding faded pale light,
    he was too far, now out of sight.
    Twilight's chariot moved towards dawn,
    her eyes still searched him and dreamt on.
    She still waited for him and wrote those love songs,
    Still ready to relive all rights and forget all wrongs.
    She waited by the old tree where they used to meet,
    with every passing footstep her heart missed a beat.
    He went on and on , never looked back,
    Too many days passed, even she lost the track.
    His love too fragile broke her heart,
    They never met again , both lived worlds apart.
    His memories were her fuel which she used,
    to run her life , pen and people were amused.
    how she wrote beautifully, with so much pain,
    never again she went down the lovers lane.
    Her pen and diary were her only escape,
    She found solace and was never again in bad shape.
    lived her life, set her soul free,
    Now she wrote love songs beneath the same old tree.
    making their love eternal she wrote a ballad,
    about a boy who once loved a poet.....

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    Promptings of her heart mentioned sadness never again,
    For she had learnt to dance in the rain....