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    Location : Nagari Ranchi (Jharkhand)

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    I remember,
    When I was in hostel I used to miss my parents a lot,
    Cos, we were given only 3 minutes once in every month to talk to our parents. Meals weren't that delicious to be honest.
    Our school was on a hill top and enclosed with a dense and high vegetation prominently eucalyptus and there were no houses as far as our eyes could see making our lives more difficult to adapt in such a no man area. But as time passed, we all started enjoying the surrounding we lived in. So calm and far from localities we were residing, even today when I remember those days I feel like it was no less than a paradise cos, the world I see now is totally different from what I've seen, noises, crime baseless trends this that. So, pathetic but it is what I've to come in one day. So, I can't complain. All good but recalling those moments is enough to tackle a lot of stress which I go through due to this noisy world.