• vickyquote 5w

    It took time to write
    In the lim light did I wait
    Admist cold tears
    I replied saying I'm fine❌
    How did you not notice?
    How did you not notice the pain this baby felt
    Admist hot sweats
    I texted
    With joy
    Buh along the line
    It turned sad
    I still kept the vibes
    I guess KARMA proved me wrong
    The thoughts
    that you actually don't wanna see me runs deep
    Ion force feelings
    Buh I maintain relationships from my end
    Where did I go wrong☹
    I keep wondering
    Buh buh buh
    Can't find no answer
    It hurts you know☹
    Who are you?
    Who are you that I can't seem to forget you
    Who are you that my heart keeps holding onto?
    Who are you that I can't let go off?
    Just who‍♀

    I can't seem to find the right words
    And I wonder
    "Must words fail me when I'm hurt"
    Must they?
    The words to say how I feel
    (Heavs a sigh)
    I sincerely wanna let you go
    Buh honestly I can't
    Not that I can't
    Buh ion want to
    Buh you keep giving me countless reasons to
    Questions upon questions all running through my mind and heart
    That all I can feel right now is pain
    Deep piercing pain☹
    I try to understand
    Buh what can I do☹
    I'm my own illness and drug....
    Here lies my answer to invisible pain
    Lead a good life momma(as I love to call you)
    You would indeed make a great mother darling
    Cheers to good loving