• _lucca 10w

    Dead Roses

    To the one who thought that we would last forever,
    Thanks for helping me grow, without you I would never-
    have reached where I am now, muchas gracias, however,
    I realized to grow further I just had to walk away forever

    To the one who successfully broke my heart, I forgive you
    Sorry for the two years worth of messages I haven't replied to
    Gotta understand if heartbreak's the flu, sorry's barely a tissue
    Apology accepted, but a second chance is a different issue

    To the one who wrote to me every single week
    Whose friends warned about the toxicity I wreak
    I appreciate what we had, it was truly unique
    I'm sorry that I turned out to be "such a [shriek]"

    To the one who we had a number of tiring trials
    Whose mother til now, my number, still dials
    'think it's time to delete my pictures in your files
    'know it takes time to move on, but it has been a while

    To those I did not write to but we do have history
    From bringers of misery to lovers of my sense of mystery
    Those I put through hell to those I took with me to Fillory
    Thanks for being roses in my garden when all else was celery