• irreplaceable_10venni 4w

    Love astrays us,
    And that's a generalized opinion what people share around us.. .
    They look love at a narrow vision and claim it to be futile to one's life..
    A few sink and a few go sailing smooth..
    It depends on the captain as well as circumstances..
    But, the entire concept of love never deserves the blame..
    Love isn't all about being romantic all time, but be the support system for one another..
    One fuels the other, pushing them forward to embrace their goals..
    Emotional glitches are part and parcel but still one helps the other come of out it, and one finds solace in the other..
    The achievement that one reaps is shared mutually , because it being a resultant of combined efforts that has been invested by the two loving hearts, in supporting one's dream turn real.. .
    They say love is an embodiment of failure, but when you get a true partner beside, every boulder strewn on your path is a football to kick around and play.. .