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    You hold on to my cold soul
    even in this bitter and bleak.
    Your arms have me wrapped to
    the smell of your delicate perfume
    from waist to cheek.
    Take my tears on this fleek sleek.
    //Memory becomes nostalgia.//

    You hold on to my obese face,
    even when I try to chase grace.
    Your eyes have a tinge of love,
    I see, a profound reflection of
    what my heart says.
    //From smiles to dimples//

    You hold on to my confused mind,
    even when I fall behind.
    Your words are the elixir,
    I brew in my reverie,
    the antibodies to infectious thoughts
    defined colour blind.
    //From dusk till dawn, to dusk //

    You hold with my every flaw,
    even if you demand perfection in every draw.
    Your fingers are entwined to mine,
    I fail you again. My dissymetric steps
    forcing you to gnaw.
    //From refusal to acceptance //

    We hold each other like two
    vagabonds dancing on the streets.
    Wearing a cloak of invisibility alone,
    grooving to the beats of our wild hearts,
    till the whole world has watched us dance.
    //From being me to becoming us//

    ~ Pooja

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