• inkyanspills 6w

    Let me tell you how the Devil works.
    He strips you off your darkest fears,
    brings you down to your knees,
    he speaks in whispers, he urges you to commit.
    Beware of your untamed thoughts,
    because the devil is looking for a vulnerable spot.
    He'll strike you down six times,
    he'll swoon you six times with the perfect lies,
    he'll gnaw at you six times.
    He'll make sure you know,
    the thoughts you're running away from,
    is your only chance at a better tomorrow.
    It's a mayhem; so loud, that it'll leave your hushed nights haunted.
    The seven deadly sins you know,
    you'll be condemned of them all,
    unless you escape the bewitching;
    the devil in disguised as your thoughts.