• beaubearic 5w

    True talk

    I'm gonna laugh now and cry later/
    Life is a tragic comedy undertaker/
    So let me smile in your face haters/
    Cuz sooner or later your gonna meet your maker
    And that's enough for me no one lives freely
    The cost is always lives so life is gritty
    Not fine cut not easy enough its rough a little bit tough with bumpy roads that take you no where to go
    Startin off surrounded by people and eventually all alone with no one that you know at first it starts off in slow mo then taken off like a lambo as it beats you down like going up against kimbo up against armies of enemies like Rambo livin it up cuz yolo watching out for poh pohs the red and blues makin us go doh doh
    Fallow my flow tho and see how my amigos keep up with how bogos on the beat like a verbal pogo my new logo
    And it goes hip hop passed your envy and passed their shit talk
    To you I'm knew to this but I've been at it since 96
    I'm no one hit wonder quick fix
    I'm the real deal writing how I feel leaving nothin concealed
    Hate it or love it I'm gonna long run it
    Till I die or I take a career plumit
    Bull shit happens but who's askin
    Now come back in and listen as we rap it up black sheep ugly duck the worst best luck not livin to be given a fuck
    So good luck chuck