• shreya45 5w


    Saw him first time
    I don't know when .
    Feeling of mine
    Long ago it came .

    Saw him from that day
    As a unachievable thing.
    Came that night, better than tonight
    Talking to him, was giving me wings .

    Never really knew
    how much I love you .
    Kept it inside me from dawn light
    And I'm still keeping it tonight.

    That night was special .
    Giving feeling unknown to me
    As our love was at its full potential .
    Like a dream of mine, came to be.

    Think I misunderstood.
    lost you so easyly
    Like tears in childhood.
    Who ruined it so beautifully ?

    It starts with a question
    Ends with a mark.
    In my thoughts you are a abstraction
    Like angels in the dark.