• art_is_dead 4w

    i plant a hyacinth for you

    you're twenty and you're tired
    (it's okay)
    you cry a lot and you've a hard time telling people how you feel
    (it's still okay)
    you want to run away (pretend you're in a studio ghibli movie) - you put a slice of cheese in your picnic basket and a flower crown on your head
    you want to walk barefoot on cobblestones and you want to tell your lover you remember what they smell of - you want to chase butterflies you can never catch -
    you want them to smile at you and shake their head and call you an idiot
    and you want to smile back and say
    you love them and -
    and it's all good for a while

    (know that you can have all of that -
    i love you.)