• earlru 6w

    It's time

    It's time you moved on
    I'm glad you have realized that!
    I'm glad you have realized that the sun and moon will stop shining if you keep on thinking about the past.
    I'm glad you've realized that your dreams are just dreams and nothing more if you stay with the past.
    I'm glad you have realized that you will only give pain the chance to draw wrinkles on your face.

    Oh how stupid we all are...
    For falling so stupidly in love and then finding out we were only just lessons to each other!
    To the girl who broke your heart
    I hope she appears in the movies
    So she practices her acting skills in fake situations.
    Oh but do not think I'm blessing her.
    I'm only praying for the ones who are yet to fall for her.
    They should know that sometimes the floor is slippery just because someone left it like that and doesnt really care who is a victim to it.