• morrie 6w

    The thing doesn't scares me now
    It failed to do so
    after a while
    Such is the notion of failure to me
    It's a habit
    Coming in
    Going out
    Everyday it happens almost-
    every single time
    A week ain't a full week without it
    Doubt is the one it comes along with
    It has its own charm
    I am talking about doubt, you see
    It looks so seductive
    It looks so fragile
    Making you wanna embrace it
    and make it your own
    That's how my self doubt began
    It has never left since the day
    I gave it my support
    It has never left since the day
    I made it my own
    So has failure never left since then
    Neither for any breaks
    Nor for some cigarette delight
    It just stays there
    In a corner
    Sitting on a stool
    Staring at me with its eyes' mocking me now
    Attacking randomly in the day
    Constantly killing my dreams at night
    and murdering some of them at daytime
    Ah, it is what is
    I'm used to this now
    Yet it leaves me baffled sometimes
    I have changed
    But it still remains the same failure all time