• zikki23 5w

    Blurred Love .

    I that sense her deep within my heart
    ‌She graciously appeared perfect to meself
    ‌For t'was her divine beauty and art
    ‌That would wrest the heart of anyone or self.
    ‌The stars reflecting her blue eyes
    ‌It glamorously gleamed lovingly,
    ‌And her heart stirring as that of clear skies
    ‌Was a girl alluring me for her longingly.
    ‌Her accent and body is never worn
    ‌Where Life of her depicts a blooming rose
    ‌And I became the trails of thorns,
    ‌Perching atop to feel it's brows .
    ‌But fate ,alas!!for she departs a fair way
    ‌Never did I know time would lead her away