• _jayashree_ 9w

    Most heard irony:

    "I'm living for you,
    You are my life,
    I never let you go"

    (Mind voice:Till I find someone better)

    Cinematic dialogue:

    "With you I'm a human
    Without you I'm nothing"

    (Mind voice: before also you were not human,lol)

    Love dialogue:

    "What a magician you are,
    How come you are Making
    my heart to beat this fast"

    (Mind voice: same dailogue, I heard you saying before your ex)

    Motivational dialogue:

    "Choose your path right now,
    Try hard to taste success
    Atleast once in your life time"

    (Mind voice : uncle I'm just doing my lkg )

    Fool's dialogue:

    Be a fool,
    To make everyone fool.

    (Mind voice: I don't need to act like fool, cause I'm already fool)