• bethinkful 10w

    Getting it off my chest

    You know what I like?

    I like saying what's in my heart...

    I like thinking outside the box...

    I like the fact that I can admit I've been wrong in my life...a lot.

    And that I've been closed-minded and judgmental, more times than I'd like to admit. :(

    And that I don't like that version of myself.

    I like finding real people, people who actually care and want to hear what you think and consider what you say.

    And who support creativity.

    And support being authentic.

    And most of all, I like that my biggest goal in life is to be authentic, and uninhibited... And that in the past year, I have finally begun to experience what uninhibited feels like and that it opens the door to our spirit guides coming in with the answers and proof I - we - have longed for so incredibly and wept over so often.

    I love that I have a STORY...and that forces outside myself - other beings of consciousness - are giving me the words to tell it.

    My religion is no longer "just" Christianity... It's Unitive Awakening. And it's much broader, inclusive, loving, and intuitive than a religious institution.

    CHEERS to all the real, and all the beautiful, and all the awakening that's happening in each and every one of us

    Oh...and p.s. I like the color purple. A LOT. It has a lot of potential, that color. And it looks GREAT as highlights