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    Oh lord ! Why are you so blind;
    You have the power to deceive each and every mind.

    You are so judgemental;
    You aren't gentle.

    You simply judge the deeds and you don't look at the circumstances;
    There is a terror in your glances.

    Your stubborn attitude is so unpleasant;
    You are so biased and intolerant.

    You rule over all the devils;
    You are the bringer of darkness and evils.

    You have an omnious presence;
    Your heart is filled with vengeance.

    You ruin all which is gorgeous;
    You soul is so filthy and tenebrous.

    You are Saturn's deity;
    You are a tyrant, arcane and a disgusting entity.


    This poem is about a deity from Indian mythology which is known as Shani. Shani is regarded as the one who torments and harms the lives of people. He is associated with grief, suffering, judgement and diseases. It is said that, he gives 'fruits' based on a person's deeds. But, like all the other deities, he lacks empathy and kindness. He just gives fruits by merely judging people. He doesn't see the circumstances which makes a person to perform certain deeds. He is a blind deity because, he blindly judges and torments people. Many people fear him, due to his short temper and violent nature. This poem is just based on my perception. This is just for fun. Please don't take it seriously. If anyone feels offended then, please skip this post. Stay happy and stay blessed...✌️��♥️

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