• bohemianalien 50w

    The Final Actor

    Creatures devouring the insides
    They pause to witness the spectacle beyond,
    With their teeth still clenching torn shreds
    Of the remaining leftovers of desires
    The rattling, deafening trance blends into whispers of breaths,
    And the light.. The light not falls nor strikes,
    Rather rests upon your face,
    It meets you like you're a long forgotten friend it lost in the abyss long ago,
    Pores of skin try engulfing it inside in vain,
    The airplanes.. They sail not fly,
    Setting up the rhythm of your heartbeat
    "Here you are" as they exclaim,
    Your astral projection gets its rightful claim,
    Drawn above to where they know your name,
    The stage is now set to unveil like the good ole' day,
    With the final actor aboard, its very final play