• avantikavinashi 9w

    "Get lost"

    From the second that you're in this world
    They tell you what is fair
    The questions you're allowed to ask
    And the one's you wouldn't dare
    Placed on the path they've paved for you
    Life pushes you along
    Without the chance to stop and think
    If it's right where you belong
    But beyond your pathway's edges
    Is where living really starts
    A land of risk and danger
    And a land of broken hearts
    They'll tell you, you should fear this land
    That there's no good there at all
    As they live their lives, as they've been taught
    Behind expectations wall
    But the best people you'll ever meet
    Have wandered off their track
    Found themselves along the way
    And have no need to wander back
    So, forget about life's road map
    Follow your heart at any cost
    For you'll never truly find yourself
    If you're too scared to get lost