• the_buried_poet 5w

    I'll Stay for Awhile

    I will stay here for awhile
    to see you smile again
    I'll be here for you
    when the wind is out of hand
    and your compass has lost direction
    I know you are strong
    and can handle it all on your own
    But I told you I love you
    and I love you is what I mean
    You have become home to me
    A place of comfort and peace
    Your mind I adore
    the avenues to explore
    Your soul is of substance
    fulfilling me as you speak
    and oh how your art creates
    a leak in my heart
    love flowing a mighty river now
    I am proud of you
    Mr ocean eyes of blue
    As you hit replay
    and turn it up louder
    The melody that shakes
    my breathing because
    I can't help but love it when you sing
    A smile falls upon my face I thank God for you as I was saved by grace
    In my darkest hour love walked in
    It was you that unburied my soul and accepted me in my demise
    I'll love you forever never to end