• ashrafwriter 9w

    I've never felt this silence inside me,
    I've never felt this solitude inside me,
    It's like these two monsters are growing in me,
    I've never felt disconnected from me.

    The deep longing for happiness,
    The deep yearning for Someone, I've never felt this way before,
    This little world inside is filled with small beautiful feelings,
    Behind that beautiful world hides my ugly little worlds,
    Filled with eerie silences and never ending Solitude.

    I feel numb to everything,
    Everyone has someone and here I am,
    Sitting on one corner of bench, watching sunset,
    Waiting for that person to arrive.

    A person to fill my wounds, kill my silence and shut the doors of the ugly little worlds,
    Make me feel alive again.......
    © Ashraf Shaikh