• riyabhagtani 24w

    Some days I feel the happiest,
    Some days I feel at the bottom,
    Some days I shout to the first person I see,
    Some days I wanna just spill everything out,
    Some days I feel satisfied,
    Some days I try to feel so,
    Some days I succeed in not letting you in my mind,
    Some days I spend nights telling you how much I miss you in my imagination,
    Some days I run hard in the competition of life,
    Some days I can't just get up,
    Everytime I try to speak, it gets more complex,
    Everytime I decide not to speak, it widens,
    I just wanna get back to everything,
    I wanna get back to being careless and happy,
    I wanna get back to being free,
    I wanna get back to living every moment without hurting anyone,
    For I am tired of dropping my frustration everywhere,
    I wanna get back when I wasn't in this race,
    When I was free to walk,
    I wanna get back to us,
    Where the layers of fakes didn't take away our conversations,
    I wanna get back to writing about us,
    Where the verses couldn't express us enough,
    I wanna get back to feeling one emotion at a time,
    I am not done with love yet.