• reshma_moin_sheikh 9w

    Humans possess different tastes,
    They have differing ideologies.

    Some may chase a long-fetched dream,
    And love to flow with thier heart's stream.

    Some may wish for a magical fairy tale,
    In the vast oceans of wealth, their life boats to sail.

    Some may feel love is to be worshipped & held above all,
    And desire to be loved deeply with the depth of one's soul.

    Some may wish for a silent and passive life partner,
    As they know they play pretty well as a dominant dictator.

    Some people hunt for education and wisdom,
    As they wish to build a cultured & civilised kingdom.

    Some may look for a pretty face that charms,
    As they want to flaunt the pearl in their arms.

    Some may want to be knotted with a religious spouse,
    As they feel being pious builds the happiest house.

    I have no crystal clear picture as to what my soul is craving for,
    A personality that captures my heart at once, is what i am waiting for.

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