• simanta_saha 6w

    A Visit To Hell

    Entry to the Devil's kingdom,
    It wasn't how it was supposed to be:
    No hellfire, no demons, no ghost hauntings;
    Rather a pretty developed city, you see.
    On first impressions, it seemed astounding;
    But, as the story goes, nothing sells for free.

    It was when the sun dipped,
    When things started getting messy and dark,
    The devil's agents, they rose from the sleep
    And in the night's cover, they started to lurk.
    People unknown of their fate, still hovering,
    Smoking, gossiping, passing remark.

    It was when I heard the cries,
    A young lady, raped to her death,
    An infant, thrown from the terrace,
    A black guy, took his last breath,
    And skyscrapers burning, taking lives,
    Hellfire, I suppose it was, horrible aftermath.

    Hell, as picturised, was right in front;
    Sorrows, cries, ghost hauntings, fire,
    Fantasy, I thought it was, turned so real,
    Tears shed, but hell was drier.
    I followed the demons, only to find out
    It was all known faces, just different attire.

    It was when things cleared out,
    My journey to hell began when I took birth;
    That's when I discovered the ultimate reality,
    About how hell let loose on Earth