• carolinelamurong09 6w

    Exodus of humanity

    (Pic.credit to rightful owner)

    A hundred thousands movement feet
    Walking through thousands miles on foot
    A Strange exodus of human fleet
    A Strange journey via hundred routes

    A cursed spring washed away our dreams
    In a flash, fate hung by a string
    Do or die at enmasses we fled
    Along with broods and kith and kin

    A dream City we bade goodbye
    Midst confusion when signs portents
    At the cross road our silent cry
    In painful hearts and souls lament

    The scorching sun spread on the sky
    At night our footsteps break silence
    As pilgrims we journeying by and by
    To redeem our souls, bad days to end

    Our strength depletes, minds split in parts
    Thousands in pockets we have none
    But journeying on with bravest hearts
    To ancestral home we must return

    Answer to future we knew not
    Amidst this madness fear for all
    But live not die we pray to God
    Deliver us lord from death roll calls

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