• likwidsay10 5w

    You can't use the judgement of others
    As a basis for the corrosion of civil liberties
    Good or bad can't be defined by skin colors
    Society will be marred by racial inequities

    Protesters are met with the force they protest
    They're beat down by thier use of brutality
    Done for our safety and in public interest
    Hold the system liable for all it's casualties

    The people start to loot and riot in the streets
    Demanding the government for racial equality
    The white house white washes the deceit
    Of the involvement of ire white supremacy

    White privilege is their key to entitlement
    A creed that's enforced by the history
    Supported by the laws of the government
    Stunting the growth of morel mentality

    If you see me walking down the street
    An' you find yourself starting to feel guilty
    Cause it more then another man you beat
    Your stripping away thier humanity

    © Likwidsay10