• nzuri_im_sorry 30w

    It's just screaming now

    Here I am, as I lay I am afraid, tremble as I whisper I am here because what if the rotting feeling in my chest never seems to go but only grows to the back of my throat and reaches into my eyes. Will I lose sight of what's important, are you the only thing important is what I'm asking myself. Maybe I'm taking these memories and wrapping them up along with the adrenaline shot I got when I saw you after not seeing your face all day, smoking golden days on this faceless sun in which I thought I'd call home forever but I can't call it home without you in it. Maybe I'm only thinking of the old memories buried deep within these yellow shaded glasses which I admire so helplessly. Im just afraid you'll take control or I will leave again, maybe it's just commitment issues hidden in a hopeless romantic child's dream of playing house. And I keep hearing music about love and most of them sound like the iconic, cheesy love songs of the 80s and I just want things to be bright. Maybe it's the toxins in the 1:39 am feasting on my own head like it had yours.