• earlofdockst 6w

    Will You See It?

    Upwards you will tilt your chin and try to see all
    of the sky,
    but your vigilance will be limited to the small field
    of your eyes.
    So you’ll lie down flat on the fold
    of the earth,
    hoping to see far and wide;
    and in time you’ll see a first burst—
    maybe a couple, a few, or nine...
    but then after a minute, then five, then an hour or
    two, your eyes’ part of the sky due to your body’s
    part of the earth will defy you:

    You saw a few flashes pass,
    but how many did you miss meanwhile?
    And with all your impatience and patience,
    did opportunity defile?
    Was it ever just too dark, or god forbid too bright?
    What milliseconds made a missed mark
    from what distanced rocky lights?

    Maybe best to get up off the ground,
    and/or level your head straight forward—
    to the Eyes of those in need,
    and the Sky that’s made of words.
    And to those Tilting & Lying,
    Might you ever-Level & Lift;
    Being a meteor never-Dying,
    a fiery fateful Gift ☄️.